Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Wiseley - Wisley - Wisely Project

The search for people named Wiseley (and all derivitives of Wiseley - Wisley, Wisely etc) has yeilded at least four seperate groups of Wiseley's in the US.

The Wythevill, VA Wisely's (that's how they spell it) appear to have come from Germany and have some german sounding names. They eventually migrated up to the OH-IN-IL area before going to MO, OK and TX. Several of the familis in the Paris, Texas area are descendents of the Wytheville, Wisely's

The Lancaster, PA Wiseley's (circa 1750-) had three sons. I do not have any information on Mary, the only daughter. Francis did not marry and became a quaker in Deleware county, PA. He died in 1835. William also did not marry and lived in York Springs, PA north of Gettysburg, PA. John did marry and moved to Lancaster OH about 1803. He had a number of children who then all had several children. One of John's sons Edward had 15. From Ohio they spread out in several directions. My ancestors headed for Indiana and some years later My grandfather came to Durand, MI.

One of John's grandsons headed for Findaly OH where several Wiseley's were born and many still are in the Toledo -Detroit Area.

Another group of Wiseleys came from Mauch Chunk, PA (renamed Jim Thorpe, PA) and slowly spread west until descendents reached Washington and Oregon. I have folders of information on this line but have not taken time to process the information.

And one last line came from the Carolinas. They also migrated north to OH-IN-IL when that land opened up for sale. This group spread out with several in the Effingham, IL area and others in Kansas. I also have a large number of files on this group that still needs processing.

If you have any interest in any of the Wiseley's in the US please contact me. i will be glad to share any information I have to help you discover your linage. Thank you for reading my blog. Please come back often for the latest updates.

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